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ESS Relax Liquid activates many enzymes in nerve and muscle tissue through the contained magnesium. A magnesium deficiency manifests itself in neuromuscular nervousness up to muscle contraction. Before stressful stress situations (eg transport, change of stables, pasturage, etc.), in particular also suitable for sports horses in tournament use.

ESS Relax Liquid activates many enzymes in the nervous and muscular tissue. A magnesium deficit shows nervous disorders as well as muscular stiffness. Horses of every age, indicated for stressful situations like transports, stable changes, the first turning out to the pasture, etc. It especially fits for sport horses during competitions.


Feeding of magnesium and vitamin B12 supports the regulation of the nervous system. It lowers the nervousness and enables stress situations to cope more quickly.
Magnesium is an important skeletal component, activates approximately 300 enzymes (eg kinases), is involved in the energy balance of the phosphatransfer (from ATP to ADP), which supports DNA and RNA synthesis, is an essential component of the transmission of stimuli (acetylcholine esterase) muscle relaxation. The magnesium resorption takes place by an active transport and decreases in age by about 50% compared to young animals. During the pasture season the grass has a depressive effect on resorption and can lead to deficiency symptoms.
Since vitamin B12 can not be synthesized by the body itself, it must be absorbed with food. In the case of purely plant nutrition, there is a risk of under-supply. The first signs of vitamin B12 under-supply can be fatigue and weakness, as well as concentration problems and even severe anxiety. Furthermore, B12 is important for the synthesis of different amino acids (methionine) and support for other vitamins, as well as for blood formation.

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