Mānuka Vet Skin & Wound Gel


100% Pure New Zealand Veterinary Manuka Honey (500MG+). Independently tested, filtered, sterilised, vet-recommended and medical grade certified. Satisfies World Veterinary Association directives for an antibiotic free future. Non-doping for racing and competition. Suitable for all your pets including horses, dogs and cats.



Five facts about Mānuka Vet™’s mānuka honey production

Mānuka Vet™ are very strict on quality management to make sure that customers receive the best products possible. Below you can learn about some of the processes they have in place to ensure the quality and consistency of their products:


All of Mānuka Vet™’s mānuka honey is traceable to its origin. The company has a preference for working with Māori landowners for the social and cultural benefits that can be generated and the quality of the authentic mānuka honey they produce.


Independently Tested

All Mānuka Vet™ products contain mānuka honey that has been sample tested by independent laboratories. In addition, they also meet the standards set by the NZ Ministry of Primary Industries for Mānuka Honey.



The mānuka honey undergoes gamma irradiation to ensure sterility and make it safe for helping to heal wounds. Gamma irradiation removes unwanted spores without in any way reducing the antiseptic and anti-bacterial potency of the honey. This is dose verified using ISO11137 guidelines for medical grade devices. Sterility is vitally important when applying anything onto damaged tissue like wound areas.


Quality Controlled

Each product batch undergoes random product quality checks before that batch is able to go on sale. Mānuka Vet are the first to perfect a ‘cold’ processing technique to protect the natural healing properties of the mānuka honey. Other products use heat during processing that denatures the product. As a result, the shelf-life and activity is shortened by accelerating the maturation process as DHA (di-hydroxy acetone) is converted to MGO over time.


Tried & Tested

Last but not least, the Mānuka Vet™ team use the products on their own animals because they strongly believe in the possibilities of reducing the use of antibiotics in treatment when circumstances oblige.

Additional information

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Directions for Use

Topical ointment for the treatment of minor wounds and skin abrasions on horses.

Apply at room temperature 2- 3 times daily as soon as possible after wounding and for at least 21 days or until wound healing is complete. Depending on the severity and location of the wound bandaging may be beneficial- if in doubt consult your veterinarian.


100% Pure Mãnuka Honey