Incrediwear circulation hoof socks

Incrediwear Equine Circulation Hoof Socks


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Slip on after exercise. Use dry, or wet them for a cold therapy, ‘icing’ effect.

Cold Therapy – Simply wet Circulation Hoof Socks and ring out excess water. Cold therapy effectiveness will remain for 45 min up to 1 hour to reduce swelling. For maximum effectiveness, place in hot water for 2 minutes before applying.

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COMES IN PAIR OF TWO SOCKS. The Incrediwear Equine Circulation Hoof Socks are designed to slip on horse’s legs and fit comfortably.

Cold Therapy – Simply wet Circulation Hoof Socks and ring out excess water. Cold therapy effectiveness will remain for 45 min up to 1 hour. For maximum effectiveness, place in hot water for 2 minutes before applying.


1. Immediately following working, training or competing with your horse, wet the Circulation Hoof Socks and leave on the horse for 45 minutes up to 1 hour. Circulation Hoof Socks work as an ice pack for 45 minutes up to 1 hour.

2. Dry Circulation Hoof Socks can be worn for up to 24hrs.

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6 reviews for Incrediwear Equine Circulation Hoof Socks

  1. Elettra

    They are amazing after trainings and competition, with the cold therapy are perfectly effective in keeping the horse’s legs neat and with no sign of swelling! Found them also super helpful in aiding the growth of the foot. I’m in love

  2. Laura woodcock dressage (verified owner)

    Really happy with the socks. I have used them dry whenever my horse is in the stable. I remove for exercise and turn out. My horse is a small tour dressage Dutch warm blood and 17 year old. We have used magnetic boots and bandages to help with circulation. The socks are ‘incredible’. I am often sceptical, this time I truly believe in this product. My horse’s windgalls are dramatically reduced. Easy enough to put on and stay in place. Really impressed.

  3. Kayleigh (verified owner)

    They do help with reducing fluid in my mares legs overnight when stabled however they are a little bit of a faff to put on and to take off in comparison with the PE Infrared Wraps which also do the same job.

  4. Aneta

    I’m very happy with the socks! They’re easy to use and offer great results. My 11y.o. mare has windpuffs and some additional swelling from an injury and wearing the socks even just over night visibily reduces the swelling. They wash well in the washing machine, even stains from black hoof polish come out and they don’t lose their stretchiness. It took me a moment to figure out how to position them but once you get the hang of it it’s a breeze and well worth it!

  5. Martine (verified owner)

    I bought the incrediwear hoof socks as my horse has windgalls which get puffy overnight and a tendon injury in the front, I must say yes they reduced the windgalls but I had hoped to wear them in stead of bandaging but they do slip down and end up all bunched at the bottom of fetlock so I ended up with the socks and bandages on top which is very time consuming by the time u do 4 legs, it’s tricky to get them on a shod horse as the elastic catches on the shoe nails (maybe there’s a trick to this) anyway I just didn’t have the time for all of this so I’ve given up and they are in the tack locker with the rest of the stuff I waste money on ????????

  6. Kelly Dakin (verified owner)

    I can’t highly recommended these socks enough my boy has high ring bone which has made his foot grow very upright and boxy. I’ve been using these for three months and the difference is amazing even my farrier has commented on the difference.

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