Horse's leg wearing Equi-Med Ag stable boot made with activated carbon fabric with silver

Equi-Med AG Stable Boot


  • Reduces bacterial load
  • Soothes minor wounds to the heel, pastern & cannon area
  • General warmth, good for older horses & ponies


The Equi-Med AG Stable Boot comes as a pair of two boots.

Small: Pony up to 14.2 (Arab, T/bred, Warmblood type)

Medium: Horse 15hh and over (T/bred, Warmblood, Type)

Large: Horse 15hh and over (Cob, Middleweight Warmblood, ID type)

For size guide see above, all of our stable boots can be warn on the front or hind due to their unique design.


Watch the video below to find out more about the benefits of activated carbon and silver in the Equi-Med Ag Wound Dressing. The principles are the same for these stable boots (view the video at 32:50 for specific details of the stable boot).

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Weight 1 kg

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