Balto® Body Lift

Balto® Body Lift


The Balto® Body Lift is a back brace with handle to assist dogs with age- or disease-related motor difficulties.



The Balto® Body Lift serves 2 specific functions:

1) It is indicated for dogs that have difficulty walking, as a result of trauma, disease or paralysis, as well as for dogs with motor difficulties;
2) It is also indicated for dogs with spinal column issues. The two (removable) rigid splints, contained in the two side pockets, serve to both stabilize the brace during use, as well as to compress the proximal area of the spinal column in cases of disease in this area, holding it in traction (for example, neurological diseases).

Balto® Body Lift

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Fitting Instructions

Balto® Body Lift

  • (1) Position the brace near the dog’s front legs. The front of the brace should touch the armpits of the dog’s front legs.
  • (2-3-4) Pull the brace up, around the dog’s trunk and fasten it by pulling the velcro straps through the white guide rings. The number of guide rings varies depending on size.
  • (5) Now, close the front part with a horizontal strap that is pulled through the dedicated white guide ring.
  • (6) Starting from the inside, draw the straps around each leg. Pull the strap through the diagonal white guide ring and use the velcro end to lock it into place. Be careful not to over-tighten.
  • (7) The length of the handle straps can be adjusted to suit your height. Just loosen the Velcro straps and adjust to make them longer or shorter, allowing you to walk in a natural position alongside the dog.
  • (8) Once the brace is in place, it’s time to attach the handle straps. To position the handle grip, locate the dog’s center of gravity so that when you lift the dog, it stays level and doesn’t tilt forward or back.


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