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Unlike compression products, lncrediwear products do not need to compress to work. Instead, the fabric is embedded semiconductor elements Germanium & Carbon, which when activated by body heat, release negative ions. The negative ions activate molecular vibrations that increase not only blood circulation, but lymphatic flow as well. Increased blood flow and speed and lymphatic drainage helps to bring more oxygen and nutrients to the target area and clear out all the by-products, which optimizes the body’s natural healing process and accelerates recovery.

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You've seen Incrediwear work for your horse, why not treat the rider too?

Incrediwear FAQs

Incrediwear technology (both Human and Equine) is based on negative ions. Incrediwear fabric is embedded with semi-conductors Germanium and Carbon. When fabric touches the skin and is activated by the body heat, negative ions are released. Negative ions vibrate the cells, increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage, pushing swelling into lymphatic system and bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the area. Due to properties of semi-conductors Germanium and Carbon, Incrediwear always cools down and doesn’t allow wrapped area to heat up.

Carbon and Germanium oxide has one available electron in the outer shell molecule. When combined with a temperature of at least 20 degrees celsius, molecule becomes activated, releasing midlevel* (reference to study) infrared optical wave, which creates micro oscillation of the tissue. This increased energy and motion results in movement of interstitial and intramuscular and intra-articular swelling or edema.

Or in other words:

Incrediwear technology works just like an earthquake on the bottom of the ocean. It vibrates and creates a cunami wave that never stops. Negative ions work in a same way – vibrating the cells and never stopping while Incrediwear product is on. Increased blood circulation is a result of negative ions, not a compression.

Blood vessels are tubular. Just like during an exercise muscle contractions create energy that increases blood flow, so does the Incrediwear – it mimics the contractions and increases blood flow.

There are two processes going on, when Incrediwear is on:

1. Most important – it eliminates the swelling by vibrating the tissue where the swelling is located – this can be interstitial (inside tissues), intramuscular (in the muscle) or intra-articular (in the joint). As a result – swelling is pushed into the lymphatic system, which is unique property of Incrediwear technology.

2. Secondary process is vibrating the blood vessels, creating increased blood flow and speed, to bring more oxygen, nutrients and macrophage to the damaged areas. It also thermoregulates the tissue, keeping tissue temperature down. This is an essential benefit, since recent studies show that increased tissue temperature can cause tissue damage.

Compression is based on squeezing the blood vessels. As a result – lymphatic drainage is slowed down. Compression actually stops vibration of the tissue and movement of the fluids. Which in some particular cases can be beneficial (during short active workout), but if used at rest or too frequent, can cause tissue damage.

This is why compression can’t be worn for extended periods of time, while Incrediwear and Incrediwear Equine products can be worn for long periods, including night-time and even 24/7, if necessary.

Incrediwear Inc. is conducting studies primary on Humans in cooperation with world’s leading research clinics and institutes, proving that Incrediwear technology is a true game-changer in both Human and Equine healthcare and well-being. Some of the studies conducted and being released:

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) Study
Pain relief, accelerated recovery and eliminated symptoms of DOMS

MLS Injuries
Accelerated recovery from lower extremity injuries

Knee – Post ACL
Pain relief and reduced swelling post-surgery, increased range of motion

Osteoarthritis of the Knee
Pain reduction

Sleep study on baseball players – injury prevention and performance
Improved sleep and diminished post workout swelling to help prevent injury and improve performance

Effects of Incrediwear Recovery Sleeves on time-loss for Major League soccer players
Reduced time-loss after lower extremity injuries and lower extremity soft tissue injuries

…and more.


Incrediwear eliminates the swelling by vibrating the tissue where the swelling is located – this can be interstitial (inside tissues), intramuscular (in the muscle) or intra-articular (in the joint). As a result – swelling is pushed into the lymphatic system, which is unique property of Incrediwear technology.

Since Incrediwear Equine increases blood circulation, brings oxygen and nutrients to the injured areas and pushes all the swelling and by-products into lymphatic system, it acts as anti-inflammatory. When you take away inflammation you take away a prostaglandance (pain causing chemicals) and cydacines, which results in reduced pain.

In rare cases Humans and Equines can be overstimulated – product can be too ‘active’ and create feeling of discomfort. But apart from that, there are no negative side effects detected during studies or received from our customers.

Incrediwear technology has a list of benefits that make it unique:

  • increasing not only blood flow, but lymphatic drainage as well;
  • Incrediwear is non-invasive technology and doesn’t cause negative side-effects;
  • acting like ice packs when wet;
  • being world’s only wearable anti-inflammatory;
  • being safe for night-recovery;
  • having list of studies being conducted and released;

And foremost – Incrediwear is tested on humans and approved by horses.

Due to fact that in case of horses, there is no muscle below the knee, so there is less resistance to push the swelling into lymphatic system.

When the negative ion is activated by the body heat and a water (which acts as transducer), it creates transduction of the midlevel infrared wave into the tissue, causing and endothermic response inside the tissue. As a result – tissue cools down and heat is drawn outside the tissue*. This effect can be tested with infrared camera.

Or in other words:

Negative ion goes into the body, meets positive ion and kicks it out of the body. As a result – heat is drawn out of the body and it cools down. Even when product is dry, if the body starts to heat up and sweat (during exercise), same effect is activated. When adding water (cold or warm) cooling effect becomes way more dramatic and product becomes an instant ice pack for 45 mins-1 hour.

This is therefore a convenient and innovative alternative for traditional icing.

Regular icing with ice causes the vasoconstriction, which slows down a blood speed and blood flow, not allowing oxygen, nutriens and microphage to come into the area and help with recovery process. When wet, Incrediwear Equine cools down, but continues increasing blood flow and speed at the time, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area and helping to recover faster.


  • Since Incrediwear Equine products bring more oxygen and nutrients to the areas and reduce fatigue and soreness, they help to prevent injuries associated with fatigue and weakened tissues.
  • In case of injury, reduced swelling, more oxygen and nutrients and increased lymphatic drainage accelerate healing and recovery.


Since not based on compression and not causing vasoconstriction, Incrediwear and Incrediwear Equine products can be worn 24/7 and used for night rest as well.

Semi-conductors Germanium and Carbon that are embedded into the Incrediwear fiber, don’t wash out and don’t lose their properties over time. Products work as long as the fabric itself is not worn out.