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  • Trailering
  • Post workout recovery/ stable rest
  • Post injury & surgery recovery
  • Night recovery
Since this is not a compression, they can be worn for up to 24 hours, including overnight.


  • Post workout recovery/ stable rest
  • Post injury & surgery recovery
  • Icing

Since this is not a compression, they can be worn for up to 24 hours.



Unlike compression products, lncrediwear products do not need to compress to work. Instead, the fabric is embedded semiconductor elements Germanium & Carbon, which when activated by body heat, release negative ions. The negative ions activate molecular vibrations.

You've seen Incrediwear work for your horse, why not treat the rider too?

Incrediwear FAQs

Incrediwear technology (both Human and Equine) is based on negative ions. Incrediwear fabric is embedded with semi-conductors Germanium and Carbon. When fabric touches the skin and is activated by the body heat, negative ions are released. Negative ions vibrate the cells. Due to properties of semi-conductors Germanium and Carbon, Incrediwear always cools down and doesn’t allow wrapped area to heat up.

Carbon and Germanium oxide has one available electron in the outer shell molecule. When combined with a temperature of at least 20 degrees celsius, molecule becomes activated, releasing midlevel* (reference to study) infrared optical wave, which creates micro oscillation of the tissue. Leading to increased energy and motion.

Or in other words:

Incrediwear technology works just like an earthquake on the bottom of the ocean. It vibrates and creates a cunami wave that never stops. Negative ions work in a same way – vibrating the cells and never stopping while Incrediwear product is on. 

Compression is based on squeezing the blood vessels. As a result – lymphatic drainage is slowed down. Compression actually stops vibration of the tissue and movement of the fluids. Which in some particular cases can be beneficial (during short active workout), but if used at rest or too frequent, can cause tissue damage.

This is why compression can’t be worn for extended periods of time, while Incrediwear and Incrediwear Equine products can be worn for long periods, including night-time and even 24/7, if necessary.

In rare cases Humans and Equines can be overstimulated – product can be too ‘active’ and create feeling of discomfort. But apart from that, there are no negative side effects detected during studies or received from our customers.

Incrediwear technology has a list of benefits that make it unique:

  • Incrediwear is non-invasive technology and doesn’t cause negative side-effects;
  • acting like ice packs when wet;
  • being safe for night-recovery;
  • having list of studies being conducted and released;

And foremost – Incrediwear is tested on humans and approved by horses.

Regular icing with ice causes the vasoconstriction, which slows down a blood speed and blood flow, not allowing oxygen, nutriens and microphage to come into the area and help with recovery process.

Since not based on compression and not causing vasoconstriction, Incrediwear and Incrediwear Equine products can be worn 24/7 and used for night rest as well.

Semi-conductors Germanium and Carbon that are embedded into the Incrediwear fiber, don’t wash out and don’t lose their properties over time. Products work as long as the fabric itself is not worn out.